Tender Dakar - medical supplies and medicines

Date : 17/09/2014

Commercial Office in Dakar, has reported that the national pharmacy affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Social Work Senegalese has announced a tender for the import of medicines, equipment and medical supplies and Shehadlanahobeanat tender as follows :



Tender No.

F_SAMP_029 (AOI PNA N° 12/2013)

Agency Name / IDA/governmental organization

pharmacy national affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Social Work.

Phone Number

Tel: +221338595050


Fax :  +221338595091


Pharmacie Nationale d’Approvisionnement PNA

Route du Service Géographique BP : 4015 Dakar – Hann Sénégal


[email protected]

Title tender

international tender for the supply of medicines, equipment and medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

A summary of the tender

got national pharmacy Supply (PNA) in the amounts as part of the ongoing budget for the purchase of medicines and medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, and decide to use part of these funds for the purchase of medicines and supplies required subject of this tender.

- As part of the deal for a period of one year, renewable once without exceeding two years and is the deal with suppliers to be selected after the tender and each group will be the subject of a deal ..

- Ask the pharmacy National Supply tenders closed on the part of qualified candidates for the supply of medicines known internationally under (DCI) and medical supplies, pharmacy and digital movies and dialysis kits, and accessories, childbirth and caesarean sections, lab reagents and consumables for laboratories.

- Will be the deal through an open tender as specified in the law and public transactions Mvouh for all qualified candidates.

- The possibility of candidates interested in the tender to get more information to communicate with the national pharmacy on the following email address: [email protected] And to identify the file tender in the address listed above from 8 am until 5 pm local time

Date Posted


The deadline for bidding

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 at ten in the morning, and will not accept bids that offer late.

General conditions of the tender and the conditions of participation

to be a qualified candidate for the company's industry, distribution, import or export of medicines and laboratory reactors and accessories used in human medicine, and respect the laws of Pharmacology and measuring the current in his native Senegal.

- The candidate must provide evidence documents that he meets the requirements of similar experience, including the nature and amount of transactions as well as customer data and financiers (certificates of good execution).

Supplies must be well-known international medical certificates.

- Provide information to prove that he is qualified to implement this deal, and proof that he has supplied medicines and medical supplies similar the last three years with the provision of receiving reports or certificates of service implementation.

- To prove the existence of the technical and financial capacity has.

- Tenders will be opened in the presence of representatives of candidates.

- Must submit bids to the following address:

Route du Service Géographique, BP: 4015 Hann Dakar Sénégal

The bids must include a deposit of 1% of the value of the offer Sayafa francs. The period of validity of the insurance is 148 days from the date of opening the envelopes.

Tenders must remain valid for a period of 120 days from the deadline for submission of bids.

Insurance is not required for bids less than 30 million CFA francs.