The Board of Directors of the General Division of Computer discusses strategies for future initiatives

Date : 23/09/2014
The Board of Directors of the General Division league meeting at the headquarters of the Division on Wednesday, 08/27/2014, and during the meeting Eng / Khalil Hassan Khalil - Chairman of the The Board of Directors of the General Division last activities carried out by the General Division recently. The Board of Directors discussed and adopted mechanisms for the implementation of the new protocol with the axes of the Information Technology Industry Development (ITIDA), which was signed between the two parties in 08/26/2014, for the period 01/07/2014 till 30/06/2017, which includes institutional support Division of public and activities carried out by the Division for the benefit of its members. According to Engineer / Khalil Hassan Khalil that the cooperation protocol signed stipulates that the body Information Technology Industry Development support programs of the General Division directed to the development of the member companies of the Division of public programs such as the development of human capacity and training and international activities and trade missions and studies, consulting and the development of domestic demand and raise the efficiency of companies neglect of the activities of the sustainability Division such as membership development and the crowd support and support for the policies and activities of the committees and task forces.