Grocers affected by the company of smart cards

Date : 22/10/2014
Members expressed Division groceries from being affected by the faults ongoing network and a breakdown in communication between machines, making it impossible Exchange support for citizens, came during a meeting of the Division of groceries in the presence of Mubarak Abdul Rahman, Deputy Minister of Supply and Internal Trade and the Director of the Directorate of Supply in Alexandria to discuss the obstacles facing Albdulan Altamoanin within the framework of the implementation of the system bread and disbursement of cash support to citizens through the smart card has been absent from the attendance by representatives of the company Yvette, although the date of the meeting has been determined the collective agreement. 
He said the audience on the need to change the company's policy to increase the number of employees of the company to provide service to citizens and Bdulan Altamoanin and repair the faults and assured traders that open Aldata resulted in entering Lake County to share Alexandria and Exchange bread and points of support from within the province of Alexandria, although the system still is not implemented in Beheira the attendees agreed to form a delegation to meet with the governor of Alexandria as part of an escalation of these obstacles in an attempt to deal with it and the company's response to the amendments or the claim of the Ministry of development Climate Yvette company's inability to manage the system