cooperation protocol between "education" and "Division of Computer"

Date : 27/10/2014
Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Nasr, Minister of Education, Ahmed Al-Wakil head of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce signed a joint cooperation between the support fund and fund educational projects of the Ministry of Public Division of computers and software in the General Federation of Chambers of Altjaraha for Thursday October 23 protocol, in order to launch a new initiative under the name "enlighten "the mechanism for the dissemination of all forms and types between the teachers and staff of the Ministry of Education in the initial phase of Computing, and between students in the next stage. 
He said Khalil Hassan Khalil, head of the General Division of computers and software that this initiative aims to spread the culture of interactive learning using all kinds and accessories, and other information and communication technology tools computers, within Egyptian society, for the benefit of more than 2 million teachers and employees, pointing out that this the initiative, which the ministry will be launched will participate in all the information and communications technology companies through alliances led by the major companies, with subsidiaries operating in the areas of sales, distribution and after-sales service and maintenance, training and digital content and Internet services, etc., and this out of mainstream interest on all companies according to their activities and their size and geographical distribution . 
He said Khalil was expected participation of more than 250 companies in various provinces in this project, most of them small and medium-sized companies, which are seeking Division for the development of serious corporate ones, to provide project services image professionalism required, and that the project provides more than 2,500 new jobs, and achieve rapid growth domestic demand, as one of the pillars of economic development, also contribute to increase the competitiveness of the national information society. 
He pointed Khalil: "It will be put brochure for this initiative conditions before the end of next week and will open the door for all companies to subscribe through alliances, noting that the General Division of computers and software through its deployment in all governorates of the republic will ensure the maintenance and technical support services to the members of the during the companies participating in the initiative, stressing that the devices that will be launched will be the priority of the plant and compound them locally, and will include devices for international brands as well. "