Chambers of Commerce began in the promotion of the World Economic Conference

Date : 06/01/2015
Chambers of Commerce, the Federation began implementing an integrated program to promote investment during the first quarter of 2015 in support of the Conference of the World Economic through activation of the Union agreements with counterparts and international financial bodies in various countries of the world and regional associations of rooms as well as the employment of projects of various regional to organize promotional conferences major investment sources Conference ends of the private sector to cope with the global economic conference.
This was stated by Ahmed Al wakil Head of Chambers of Commerce Federation, who said he had been on the bilateral level, he has contacted his counterparts heads of federations of chambers of commerce to organize promotional seminars respective countries displays the current legislative Altorh to improve the investment and display major projects and investment opportunities by the atmosphere, and then post a delegation of senior investors and leaders money and business to participate Balvaaliat Baltoakp to be organized with the World Economic Forum
Al wakil said he is supporting this action at the regional level through the Federation of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Arab Countries rooms, Islamic Trade and Industry Chamber, the Federation of the White Sea Trade and Chambers of Industry who oversees Egypt post of first deputy of those unions as well as the presidency of the Union of African Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and the professions and membership international Chamber of Commerce.
Al wakil explained that during the sixteenth Conference of Arab investors who hosted by Egypt in the past month has been agreed with Dr. Najla Ahwani Minister of International Cooperation and coordinator of the World Economic Forum on the Union to organize a global summit for the private sector to continue with the conference to maximize the participation of the leaders of money and international business and to ensure that the end of the conference projects true development raises the rates of development and create jobs for the people of Egypt in their homeland.

Al wakil said that he had been agreed with many financial institutions, banks and development funds and the bodies of aid to all financing their vehicles to be attracting investors factor integrates with what will be displayed from the promising opportunities supported by the results of the legislative and procedural ongoing revolution under the climate of security and safety and political stability, which was felt by the world Collect.
He said Al wakil he next major projects, will focus on promoting the establishment of alliances for the manufacture and co-production for export Arab, European and African countries and the exploitation of free trade zones, which raised the Egyptian market size of more than 1.6 billion consumers without customs or quotas, so the big and small companies and medium alike.
Added Dr. Alaa Ezz general secretary of the federal Egyptian and European rooms that will be day 15 in Brussels finance the adoption of a number of grants to promote investment and the work of sectoral studies are carrying out pre-conference and several others to organize promotional figures after the conference throughout 2015 to ensure the sustainability of the initiative.
He said Alaa Ezz that these initiatives will be implemented through the Confederation of Business Mediterranean "MedAlliance" which includes business five regional organizations, namely the Union of the Mediterranean Sea rooms "ASCAME", and the Federation of Unions Mediterranean industries "BusinessMed" and the Union of European Chambers "Eurochambres and the Chamber of Arab German GACIC, and the Union Euro-Mediterranean investment Commissions "ANIMA", which coordinates the work of the Alliance, in collaboration with UNIDO and the Union for the Mediterranean initiative to support small and medium enterprises and the Italian League of Arab States, represented in the Council of Euro-Arab.

He added that the alliance is implementing the Euromed Invest project "EU EuroMed Invest" funded by the European Union, which aims to promote investment in the transport and logistics sectors, agriculture and food industries, and engineering industries, telecommunications, information technology, tourism, and new and renewable energy.
Al wakil that he added the activities of this project will be integrated with the eight regional projects for the Alexandria Chamber, which exceed their worth 260 million pounds, funded by the European Union of the Mediterranean EU CBC ENPI program, which aims to support and update the food industries and textile, tourism and solar energy and the environment, and the exchange of experiences and create partnerships with Basin White Sea, along with attracting investments and modern technologies and the development of exports, which brings together 76 partners from the Chambers of Commerce and the specialized agencies of the White sea countries.
He said Al wakil that in 2015, will host Alexandria in the framework of these projects eight conferences and exhibitions Euro-Mediterranean in the sectors of industry, agriculture, transport and logistics, tourism, new and renewable energy, and Lafranchaiswalmrakz business to put Egypt back on the map of global investment.