importers demanding reconsider certificate. (ciq)

Date : 06/01/2015
Members of the General Division of importers Blatthad year of Chambers of Commerce, headed by Hamdi Al-Najjar invitation of the President of the General Authority for the control of exports and imports, and the President of the General Authority for Standardization and Quality to hold an urgent meeting with the Division to discuss the implications of the application of the Egyptian specifications on incoming messages from China, according to the testimony (ciq), which was to postpone the application until March 31 next
As members of the Division called for abolition of the testimony, where it represents a significant burden on the Egyptian importer due to duplication of examination of the goods for the first two in China until the issuance of the certificate and the other in Egypt despite obtained from China and called on members of the necessity of the treatment of Chinese goods such as those coming from other countries and according to the specifications of the Egyptian and the import duties are testing laboratory and outwardly
Members of the Board of Directors of the Division also called for the need to delay the application of Aqrarhiih export control private imports and that he had not been granted a speech storage for importers with respect to letters Alagdeh stores unlicensed until January 17 next pending the issuance of a new law or amendments to the new local law because the decision stating that must be obtained the local license condition to grant importers speech storage capacity of preventive Affairs sector at the Ministry of Health and Population
They also called for the need to address the Supervisory Board on exports and imports, the need to use the lab test instead of the virtual to incoming messages from meat and liver
He said Hamdi al-Najjar head of the division that there are some decisions issued by the Committee of Food Safety, Ministry of Health special measures sampling for testing and virtual laboratory for messages meat imported and the liver, which falls right importer in case of rejection first his message of sampling second and third, which Aqaibdhm heavy losses and the same thing for rejecting messages for the existence of meat (abscess) as where she was a general statement in accordance with the law 10 of 1966 and its presence was conducive to stop checking messages and suggested neutralize widget located the abscess messages meat in the case of the bloody assembly is sterile and the result of livestock vaccination abroad
As members of the General Division of importers called for the application of the decision throughout the export control amendments own body hormone standard specifications for meat and products No. 310 of 2014, which will be implemented beginning in January 2015
Najjar said that this decision would stop the import of about 175 000 tons per year of liver America, which did not issue a certificate hormone on exports of meat, liver and that this will affect the height of meat, poultry and fish prices in Egypt
Members also discussed the affected importers of fruit from the length of the customs clearance for their goods than Aqaibdhm heavy losses Tair, along with high rates of foreign currencies the dollar and euro on Egyptian imports and the importance of the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance of masterminding the needs of importers of foreign currency
As members of the decision Alexandria Container Company and private obliging importers pay all containers services carried out by the company's US dollar as of the first of February rejected because this new restriction on the importer, who is suffering from providing dollar operations import as it would conflict with the central bank's decision to pay all the services that take place in Egypt in Egyptian Pounds