Importers discuss the impact of higher currency rates on imports during a meeting next Saturday

Date : 06/01/2015
The complexity of the General Division of importers meeting next Saturday December 27 at the headquarters of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce to discuss a number of issues of concern to employees in
He said Hamdi al-Najjar Chief of the Division will be at the meeting discussed a number of issues in the forefront of another import certificate from China known as novelties (CIQ) and the implications of the decision of the export control private imports body that he had not been granted a speech storage for importers with respect to letters Alagdeh stores unlicensed until January 17 next
Adding that he will discuss the affected importers of fruit from the length of the customs clearance for their goods than Aqaibdhm heavy losses Tair, along with high rates of foreign currencies the dollar and euro on Egyptian imports and the importance of the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance of masterminding the needs of importers of foreign currency