President of the Chamber word

My dear colleague of employees of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria:

We have honored fellowship distinct group of employees of the Alexandria room inside this ancient room - and that you had to join the membership in 1987 , as well as honored , under my leadership , the Governing Council of the room for a period of two consecutive terms of the tender for the dealer and the manufacturer and the service is performed Alexandria .

There is no doubt that the room service and its affiliates an honor for us , and the presidencies of the Governing Council of Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria - which is the oldest Chambers of Commerce in Egypt - " responsibility , honesty and mandated " to achieve the interests of its members and care for their goals and in collaboration with various authorities.

And the Council in ways that all the doors internally and externally for the benefit of its members and preserve their rights , as well as held hundreds of meetings with senior officials in order to overcome the obstacles in front affiliated to the room, as well as to create a climate that helps its members to achieve their interests without slums or problems oversight so as to contribute in the end to for the general good of the Egyptian economy .

Our " service affiliated room Alexandria in civilized city " , and therefore sought and seeks the Board of Directors to open new markets for Egyptian products abroad in order to gain new experiences and hold more trade agreements to upgrade the level of economic and commercial, industrial and the service to the province of Alexandria ancient , as well as the renovation of trade and industry and attract more investments to achieve sustainable development.

The achievement of economic integration between traders and businessmen through chambers of commerce today is inevitable if we are to reach the economic development that we all seek .

It is the premise that the private sector is the engine of development and its engine theme so keen room to activate the role of the people , with its great importance in overcoming the obstacles and problems that hinder the commercial sector and the industrial and the service, and by increasing the number even serve most areas of economic activities and policy coordination of their work in order to overcome difficulties faced with the provision of the necessary support of the Board of Directors at all levels.

And in order to effectuate Doralgrfah in market regulation has worked the room on the formation of " councils commodity " niche in order to develop and update all the systems work in different types of activities so as to ensure full compliance with the laws and rules governing trade and the rules dealing with regulatory agencies official organization of the markets with the preparation of a code of conduct for the profession invoked him in all aspects of proper business dealings and business norms prevailing in addition to the preparation of monthly reports to follow changes in local and global markets .

And the belief of the Board of Directors of the importance of information for the sector 's economic docking global market and trade centers , production and access to the portal e-commerce so as to contribute in enriching the resolution of the outstanding performance of the business associate in all activities, made ​​sure the room on the provision of information , data and statistics for its members to be room Alexandria is their home and their destination first .

From this point we put our hands together, and God's blessing we started to serve the employees of this ancient room through their home , " the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria ," and our dream is to become the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria is the first room in the Middle East and North Africa.

Implementation credibility .... covenant associate service .... it is our duty

                 More tender .... Our

                And God 's blessing

                  Ahmed elwakil