Brief About Chamber

The Alexandria Chamber of commerce provides many services to its 180,000 members including :

1-Preparing ,dissemination of  economic researches, reports analyzing business phenomena’s, economic problems, SWOT analysis predicting business trends, inflation rates, unemployment rates , evaluating the impacts of monetary policies on the economic cycle, providing to investors and project owners a correct reliable source of information to guide investment and business decisions.


2-Preparing and dissemination of market researches and reports indicating the  market trends and demand & supply trends and the impact of  their changes on pricing  various commodities and services  to help the ministry of trade and Industry on better markets management. This also helps investors and business owners on setting their market plans.


3-preparation of Logistics related reports related to supplies, transportation, distribution channels, the process of handling, warehousing systems and coordination of  Demand –Supply  through establishing a Supply chain management system .

4-Preparing legislations’ development  researches aiming to evaluate , amend, or suggest Economic laws .

    5-The chamber  plans to Prepare  accurate statistical reports regarding all economic related variables as well as  statistical trade indicators, information related to trade and industry and services and investment.

6-Planning , Managing policies targeting development of all trade ,Industrial and services sectors on the domestic level which accordingly boosts internal trade and helps solve domestic Trade Obstacles

7-Formation of  sector specific committees composed of Traders and Businessmen , aiming to protect their common rights.

8-Promoting and Marketing Local exhibitions (permanent/temporary) aiming to stimulate the  trade movement in our country

9-Forming and managing a special committee to manage commodity related clusters that include ; Producers, traders. Distributers, Importers and Exporters and those who provide logistics services , aiming to achieve a complete integration between all parties, thus attaining end user satisfaction

10-The Chamber  is planning to launch an investment promotion program in Alexandria, to publish available Investment opportunities (Investment Maps) in cooperation with other well established organizations specialized in boosting investment and promoting investment projects .

11-Planning and managing a well established networking department to facilitate public relations and media communication as well as staying tuned with our members updates, suggestions and  business related obstacles.



The Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria is committed to continuously improve the services provided to its members ,aiming to be recognized as the  # 1 Support System for all Business entities.